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A mortgage is a long-term loan granted by a credit institution to finance the acquisition of a home. Several elements should attract your attention at the time of your search: the best mortgage rate, the rate of borrower insurance but also the conditions of the loan (term, prepayment and penalties, transferability of credit for example) etc. Taking out a mortgage is a binding act that is long-term: 15, 20 or even 25 years.

Renovating your house, enlarging it, redeveloping it or giving it a facelift are a lot of work projects that require a good investment in terms of both time and money. ECO INVEST can offer you a works loan corresponding to your needs. Simulate and request your work credit online!

A works loan from ECO INVEST allows you to have an amount of 1,500 to 75,000 GBP to carry out small development or decoration works as well as real renovation or extension works wherever you are in England . You choose your materials, your suppliers, your service providers at your own pace, and according to your desires, whether it is, for example, renovating the house, sprucing up the living room or fitting out the basement.

The mortgage is intended to finance a real estate purchase such as:

  • Your main residence;
  • Your secondary residence;
  • A rental investment.
  • The traditional mortgage can be taken out alone or with additional loans like the PTZ (zero rate loan). The PTZ makes it possible to finance part of your acquisition without interest.

The importance of the mortgage rate

The cost of your real estate project takes into account various elements such as:

The amount borrowed;
The interest rate ;
The borrower insurance rate;
Application fee ;
Notary fees;
Real estate agency fees if applicable.
The credit rate is of major importance, it will impact the amount of your monthly repayments and the total cost of the loan.

If you want to do your own work! Nothing prevents you from doing so. Take advantage of the works loan offer and request it online at a loan rate from 2%.

Apply now for your works loan: Loan Application – EUROPA ECO INVESTS (eco-invests.com)

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