Do you need money and a relative wants to lend you some? Simpler and often more reassuring than the bank loan, the personal loan between individuals is more and more common but beware, it is to be taken with tweezers!

From a loan of €760, it is no longer a simple arrangement between friends but a loan to be officially declared. To avoid scams and lawsuits, be careful to respect these measures:

Formalize your loan agreement

Even if you trust the person giving you a loan, it is mandatory to leave a signed paper trail to avoid any misunderstandings. Just as in a conventional consumer credit agreement, all the borrowing conditions must be indicated:

  1. the amount ;
  2. the duration ;
  3. the rate of repayments;
  4. possibly, interest rates.
    Once you have agreed on all these mentions, you have the choice between two forms of text:

Choose trusted people

This is without doubt the nº1 condition before lending or receiving money from an individual. You have to trust the person with whom you make a financial commitment. It can be relatives, family or friends as well as strangers. In the latter case, be very careful: many scams flourish on the Internet. So be careful to go through recognized structures.

The most secure solution currently in Europe is to contact Euro-Lenders, the first personal credit platform to have received the banking license issued by the prudential control and resolution authority. This approval, which is difficult to obtain, makes it possible to justify and legitimize the security of the service for its users.

The Euro-lenders platform was launched in 2011 and offers personal loans from €1,000 to €500,000, with a 100% online subscription process. The projects financed vary: car, renovation work, travel… If you are interested in this type of loan, go to our simulation page.

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